standard THANKS to Every One of Our 500k Fans – How to Get Ripped Fast

WOW, We just went passed 500k subscribers here on Youtube and I want to thank everyone of our subscribers for being the best fans in the world!

You guys have really made this the best YouTube fitness channel in the world and I will make sure from my side we continue to provide high quality content week after week!

To say thank you I have put together something really special for you at the link below.

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Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone, you are all SUPER STARS!

Peter Carvell


  1. Hey peter I really want to get a six pack and I've been doing ab workouts for about 7-8 weeks daily I can kinda see my abs but my parents don't cook very healthy food so I can't get toned abs anything to help convince my parents to make them cook better

  2. Hi Peter. I would like to see videos on how to do any single workout properly. For example a video just on how to do a pull-up properly, the best way to hold the bar, what posture to have, and so on. maybe a video once a week on the specifics of an exercise.
    congratulations on your achievement

  3. Hello Peter I just finish Day 4 Of Week One And I has been Eating Healthy For exactly one month today , Already loose 15 Pounds !!!!! …… HOOOYAH……I started to follow your meal plan when I started the Program, I'm feeling a bit tired but excited for tomorrow!…Thanks a million You are the Best!!!!

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