standard The Best Diet For Bodybuilding?

What is the best diet for cutting fat and building Muscle? There are so many options but only two work best. Watch and see!!


  1. I respect Ric's opinions alot. But its just not true that carbs and fat together store more fat.. that is just outdated broscience! Great channel Ric!

  2. when you day fats do you mean oils ? i did it with beef and heavy cream and lost 30 pounds but that was from fat free mass. how much fat would you really have to eat ?

  3. Things I look for in protein powder is isolate at 90% or better, 1 carb pr serving or lower, a low temp extraction and NO blends and look for "sweet whey on the list" that is a NO. But there are so many lies…who knows what you are really getting.

  4. your system works….look at you at your age….you motivate me, I'm 62 have lifted 40yrs now. there's a reason they call it a WORKout it's tough so thanks for that push

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