standard Time Is Worth More Than Money | #EverydayDomination vlog 016

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  1. Watching Brandon Carter's videis makes me want to find the manliness in me, become assertive, take what you want and go for it. He makes me want to get off my lazy ass, stop complaining and do something with my life.

    I vow to look at your videos before I go to work everyday, thank you BBC, keep doing you.

  2. BBC! Please please please come to a location close to Jacksonville Fl. Orlando, I mean somewhere! Fitness has always been a part of my life, but the mental quality of life for me all started with your page. Much appreciated and hoping I can get into a summit close by at some point. Thanks for staying true to who you are and keep it going. This is what people need.

  3. I signed up/confirmed with buck books from the email you sent out. Still don't have access to the books yet.. checked spam folder and everything. What am I missing?

  4. I really consider buying a plane ticket to fly to Amsterdam, or London for this. I'm really disappointed that it won't come to Denmark, and money will be a huge problem. I'm more serious than i've ever been on changing my life, and fuck it if i have to travel. I would be pissed if i ever missed out on this. I've been missing out on too much in life, and i'm literally fed up.

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