standard TOP 5 Freakiest Bodybuilders Ever In Bodybuilding History

TOP 5 Freakiest Bodybuilders Ever In Bodybuilding History
Those 5 bodybuilders are the most freaky of all ever in the bodybuilding history. Who is the most freaky? Comment down below. Subscribe for more videos.

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  1. Its coo if you're weight lifting for competition or other body building competive sport. But to lift just to lift and get all JACKED UP!?. Ummm, yea… They check themselves out in the mirror more than they would want to check out a HOTT ASS WOMAN walking near them… C'MON MAAAAN!!!!.

  2. To each his/her own but I just had an epiphany…one we can make some beer money at least…you know its been a long time since any of these guys have seen themselves pissing much less being able to wipe when takin a dump…modify a Swiffer with a mirror at about a 45deg angle so they can see to piss plus some kind of disposable pads u can throw any after use…sorry if I've offended with this idea but I think it's "Shark Tank then QVC" time lol…bet Mr Wonderful would jump all over it…lol

  3. I wonder what they spend more money on…protein powders,steroids, gym memberships,.or body oil. they could totally make a living stealing shit from stores…security wouldn't be able to apprehend them as they wouldn't be able to hold on to these greasy bastards. but then again, these body-tards wouldn't be able to run very fast…not with those legs, they'd be chafed within minutes with those 50 gallon barrel sized legs

  4. Did you see how are they today? Nasser died, J P le Foux lost all his gains,Ronnie hardly can walk,P.Dillett looks like had aids, years and years of drugs to end all fucked up?? 😳very smart!!!

  5. I've heard that many bodybuilders has a smaller thing than average "down there" and that they want to compensate for this by building muscles. I have no idea if it's true but I would't be surprised. Anyway. These guys looks unnatural…

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