standard Truth About Bodybuilding Supplements: Discover Facts about Supplements You Must Know to Be a Professional Bodybuilder. It is New, the Only and Most Comprehensive.

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Recommended by real Professional Bodybuilders. Endorsed by Vlastimil Slechta who qualified for English Bodybuilding Championship Finals. There are also printed versions in full color inside and out with a glossy cover and a cost effective Black & White version with the glossy color cover.

Achieve steroid like results with legitimate bodybuilding supplements.

Save up to $100 a month when you stop wasting money on some useless hyped supplements.

Discover what supplements professional bodybuilders use to get results.

Before I start let me be honest with you, the supplements I describe will speed up your progress incredibly fast but will not do the gym work for you, even steroids are useless without really hard workouts.

Let me tell you how I became a recognized fitness book writer selling my books in print and Kindle worldwide. 7 years ago I thought:

“Well I am not a youthful teenager anymore so if I want to look awesome for the rest of my life and attract anyone just with my physique I need to go to the gym and workout really hard till I get huge biceps and a chiseled six pack.”

When you look great you feel fantastic, confident and happy. I went ahead and bought loads of different fitness magazines. Those days I trusted fitness magazines, sorted out my workout routine, and then spent, spent and spent around $200 a month on bodybuilding supplements. All those ads for supplements in the fitness magazines featuring bodybuilders with astonishing physiques convinced me that I could be just like them very soon if I follow their working out routine and take all the supplements they recommend.

How naive I was! I did not think that those ads are just a way to earn some money for a bodybuilder and nothing to do with what really the bodybuilder takes.

I tried all supplements from bodybuilding magazines for 3 years solid. And you know what, my physique has improved a little but nowhere near to what I wanted.

“I became really annoyed. $200 on supplements a month multiplied by 3 years is huge $7200!”

Some bodybuilders spend even more than that. I was thinking, may be steroids are the answer but one of my friends nearly died of a heart attack because of steroids, steroids are illegal and if anyone finds out you use steroids you can never be a paid fitness model. After chatting to many of my bodybuilder friends I decided avoid the use of steroids full stop. However during those conversations with my friends (most of whom you would recognize from bodybuilding magazines) I slowly began to understand:

“A lot of supplements are just useless hype and the proven ones are useful only if you know exactly what those supplements do, how they works in your body, how they interact with each other, when and how to take them correctly.”

I decided to spend one year on research, interviewing professional bodybuilders, reading scientific research papers, buying products and testing them on myself! I became a personal trainer myself, I gained the physique I always dreamt of in half a year, before I could not achieve the physique for 3 years. Additionally to finding out the correct workout routines, I found how to speed up my progress by 3 or more times, how to feed my muscles, what my muscles need, what supplements have properly conducted research and are proven.

Then I started sharing this invaluable information with my friends and clients. I put it in a simple language so everyone can understand. It took me another year to write the most comprehensive guide on legit bodybuilding supplements. I sent my book to many professional bodybuilders and Vlastimil Sletcha was so impressed that he endorsed the book, he said:

“Truth About Bodybuilding Supplements is the book that anyone serious about growing muscles must have, it is new, the only, and most comprehensive detailed guide on well over 30 bodybuilding supplements with facts any serious bodybuilder must know”

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