standard Truth About Pro Bodybuilder Diets

Truth About Pro Bodybuilder Diets

Marc Lobliner discusses what bodybuilders really eat, not the BS you see in magazines!

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  1. Fucking truth!!! I'm only 5 foot 3 and I'm teetering at around 220 this off-season and most of my cardio is just hard ass training with weights for a show. Before I turned I never really did it and had crazy glutes shredded. I don't weigh shut unless maybe close but mainly eyeball.

  2. Well said.. Well versed.. Mark is well educated and all about real talk and quality. Nothing but the best protein by far. Support Tiger Fitness

  3. Great video info! (Obv I´m not a body builder! ) but I get tired of people telling me I have to do HIIT, when slow cardio/even just walking downhill, is what works for me. Telling me how to eat, when what I do works for me. Telling me I need my feet on the floor when lifting dumb bells, when what works for me is feet up off the bench, as it also for me works my abs/gives me stability, and feet on the floor actually hurts my back. If if works, it works:) And yeah, good genes, mesomorph, high metabolism plus I change my workout every workout,) It´s always great getting advice and tips like this too though. Thanks so much:)

  4. give me all they got please I'm begging you … I been lifting two years did two cycles went from190 to 260 still growing strong staying and around 255 and getting leaner by the day and I don't pay attention to diet like most people just high proteins and no snacks lol

  5. He fails to mention that the pros are "on" year round for years and years. They do have great genes but it's how deep their pockets go. Guys run 10-20ius of gh a day. Grams of gear. The reality is they put hundreds of thousands towards their careers. Most guys cannot AFFORD to go pro.

  6. I turned of here 6:28

    Soon as people speak about Genetics = EXCUSE MAKING.

    ….. and going high volume very fast with heavy weight = FAST METABOLISM for everybody. Genetics has nothing to do with it.

  7. Love this guy. I love the attitude and appreciate the honesty. There's so much bad information out there, it's wonderful to see a site with a guy who tells it like it is.

  8. I suggest Tom plats don't know if I spelled his name right and watch his video on secrets on bodybuilding that will give a lot more info then what tiger fitness is giving you here

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