standard UNBOXING: Vegan Protein & Supplements [BULK POWDERS]

UNBOXING: Vegan Protein & Supplements [BULK POWDERS]

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In this video we go through our latest vegan supplement haul from Bulk Powders.


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  1. oooh yes please!! could you make like a suuper healthy low calorie baking recipe? 😀
    love your videos soo much! This is soo what i needed, easy and working! been through all those different vegan diets like 80/10/10 , raw Till4, starch solution and so on! But in the end i ate way too much and never felt fully satisfied. so now i started to add in some more Healthy fats (ive really been like fat phobic) and also some lean proteins.
    Thank you soo much for your advice and tipps, and sharing this all with all of us. I really appreciate that and I want to support you, with buying some tshirts off your shop, this will make a great christmas present for my vegan friends :)

  2. I bought the strawberry protein powder recently and it's so horrible 😭 It's so chalky and gritty and the flavour is dull, I'm hoping it's a bad batch as I like what I've seen of their range so far!

  3. I love your guys website Great simple recipes. I'm doing IF with two meals a day. My first meal i rotate either Chia Seed pudding with Cacau Nips, nut butter and blueberries (I don't add protein powder because i like the flavor of vanilla soy milk). Or I eat silken tofu berry nice cream topped with ground flax seed and walnuts. My second meal of the day is either your Instant Pot red lentil coconut Dahl or I have the African sweet potato/chickpeas with quinoa. 😋😋😋
    And everyday I have an apple, banana and avocado toast (low sodium Ezekiel bread). Can I replace the cream coconut for the Dahl with lite coconut milk? I'm worried about saturated fat.

  4. Hi guys! I love watching your videos, they're so helpful for me as I make my transition in to being 100% vegan.

    I do struggle with getting a good amount of protein in a day of eating, are you able to do a video breaking down all the protein and how much protein you eat in a day? I find it nearly impossible to get enough without consuming waaaay too much sugar.

    Thanks! :D

  5. Hello, i love your videos!! … I saw that previously consumed 602020 but now I see that add lots of butter and coconut … they have changed their macros? thanks!! keep in that way! bye

  6. Thank you for this video!!

    Im a coeliac vegan and i've just started with Weight lifting and more exercise and this video made me go and hae a nosey as i was finding it hard to find gluten free vegan suppliments that werent going to cost a forturne. safe to say i wasnt dissapointed!!

    Thank you! love your videos!! x

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