standard Universal Soldier in Real Life – Military Strength Training with Diamond Ott | Muscle Madness

Universal Soldier in Real Life – Military Strength Training with Diamond Ott | Muscle Madness

Diamond Ott (@diamondcut_fitness) is a Certified Fitness Trainer with incredible strength skills.



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  1. First and foremost I'd like to recognize this fellow for being fit. But, I take offense to the fact that it's accepted as military strength when I can assure you that this is not the basis of military fitness.

  2. I have never seen anyone who looks hot pulling weights- but he looks so sexy! holly shit he makes working out look so easy and flawless. now the serious question is he single?

  3. He can pass every test but a urinalysis. I wonder how his Command Staff feels about having a soldier who uses a schedule 1 drug. Bet he gets the tip-off from them about a week out from the piss test. oh and don't worry folks I'm not getting off pissy about it but there's guys at the gym at Benning, Bragg, Drum and Hood that look like they stepped off an IFBB stage… that ain't from taking the pills and powders they sell down at the BX PX

  4. He looks a bit like the way I looked when I was hooked up with Delta during desert storm as a sniper/close combat expert. Those were some good days. I would easily give up all the medals of honor I personally got awarded from the president to be able to fight in a real war again. Today, all I do is train Ninjas for Yakuza bosses and doing hits for the Russian mafia. Just boring everyday shit. Give me a good war any day.

  5. The strength work is pretty damn impressive, but I have a basis of comparison for that. I do similar things, he just does them much better. That balance stuff is fucking insane, though. That level of core strength and coordination is fucking nuts.

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