standard Vegan Bulk What I Eat In A Day With Macros

Everything I ate to grow muscle on a vegan diet plus full nutritional breakdown of macro and micronutrients!

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  1. Of all the vegan fitness YouTuber's you definitely have the best meals. Makes me jealous every time I watch your Full day of eating videos. Keep up the good…… no, amazing work

  2. Hi Paul, found this useful. Just out of interest – where is all your potassium coming from? Eating 'high potassium' bananas for an entire day (3000 odd cals (I'm a mere mortal!)) gives you 250% or so…

  3. Yeah man, great mentioning about the leucine! I have a question about that, some say you need like 2-3 grams leucine to trigger muscle growth, is that like per meal or in 1 day? I don't have 2-3grams every meal, except for my shake pwo, but I also use cronometer and I have 8-10 grams of leucine per Day.

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