standard What’s the Best Time to Workout to Build Muscle and Lose Weight Fast?

What’s the Best Time to Workout to Build Muscle and Lose Weight Fast?

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  1. Saeed i have a shoulder pain in my right shoulder since sunday (today is thursday)
    Ive done a chest work out and it was amazing
    But then since the second day i started to feel my shoulder hurting alot and it did not go away till now:/ idk what to do can you please tell me
    What to do? Will cold showers help?
    And thankyou to anyone else who answers this!!

  2. I watched your video the other day on "How long does it take to get abs," you described fitness as a lifestyle and a lifelong commitment; always striving to get better, faster, stronger, ect. I've been trying to adopt a lifestyle such as yours for a while and am struggling to find a sustainable diet. I'm very active and don't really have a problem maintaining a caloric deficit most of the time but still find it hard to consistently get in my macros. Saeed could you please, please please do a video on dieting! I can't imagine I'm the only one who finds it impossible to eat clean every day without feeling like I'm under some North Korean totalitarian regime.

  3. People make this so complicated lol The research shows evening might be better for strength, but there's always a trade-off there as well. What if you work all day and then you're super tired in the evening? For most people picking a time they can be consistent with, even if it means being a bit less "optimal" is generally a good way to go about things. :)

  4. saeed my boy! I have some problems with my inner chest! I train 2 times a week but I don't get that line in the middle of my chest! you got any tips bro? really appreciated!

  5. Hey Saeed my name is isac and I'm 16 years old and im trying to lose weight but a problem is my diet and I can't help but eat junk food…I'm currently taking cold showers and I do work out the only problem is my diet..could you give me some tips?

  6. man your attitude and the way you talk about things is way cooler like I'm telling your actually motivates every time I watch your video bro thank u and ya no homo😂

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