standard When U.S. Army Soldier Strength Training – Extreme Hard Workout

When U.S. Army Soldier Strength Training – Extreme Hard Workout
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  1. If you were ever in the military you would know why. 1. He's probably in the base gym. Look at the design, 1/2 circle military designed building, no branding or colors or signage anywhere (Golds, Planet Fitness, Crunch etc) and typical beige colors with few amenities. On base gym. 2. He's working out in uniform because most of the time they are in full uniform and need to workout with the added weight of their uniform and heavy boots. I am a USAF Firefighter and we go as far as working out in full bunker gear with scba strapped to our backs. Depending on his job, its best to workout in the same gear you'll be fighting in. (He wont be fighting insurgents in 100 deg heat with gym attire of shorts and tanks) And everything he did is very hard, like to see somebody here do everything he did, just not one exercise. Dude def was strong, had great balance and flexibility. He was doing the full stack WHILE balancing. Weighted dips, heavy bench etc. Very strong for his size….

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