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Please only attempt exercises from this video if you are fit to do so, if unsure please consult your health care professional first!


  1. Thanks this really helps. I've really been struggling lately to bench 60kg and squat over 90kg and generally make progress and lift more. I've been on a lean bulk mainly doing 4 sets of 8 reps. Does it make sense to reduce my sets to 4 sets of 5 reps and then do the 8 the other week (higher volume work)? What about reverse pyramid training (Aiming for the biggest weight first then reducing after)?

  2. Nutrition is so difficult for me to get right, the diet plan I've been given by my PT is great and all but when you work 8/9 or even 10 hour shifts at work and only have 2 short breaks to cram your face with food in I usually end up not eating enough.

    I'm at least managing to increase my weights on each session so that's not an issue, I just don't expect to see much mass gaining going on any time soon

  3. John, (and Leon) knowing that you had to (or still going through) spend at least a week without any training because of your eye surgery, do you have any tips on food amount intake one could adjust to if one has to spend a long-ish time without training to keep the same weight and not increase body fat during the off-training time, please?
    Keep up the great work, lads. You are fantastic!

    Also, I am very happy for your eye surgery being a success, John, and that your everyday life got better.

  4. Do you guy's ever do pre-exhaust exercises or supersets? and do you recommend doing these kinds of exercises at the start or end of split muscle training workouts? :)

  5. feel like while this was clearly a "gym emphasis" video, when it comes to building muscle you guys shouldve at least mentioned that without eating more calories its far far harder to build muscle. This is where i feel down and plateaued for almost a year.

  6. I'm 15 and play a lot of rugby , I'm finding it hard to eat healthy DURING school time but train hard in the gym. However I'm not seeing the results I want, is this down to my nutrition ???

  7. Great video once again guys. I would really love some advice here. First thing. Our gym is quite small and there is always (not always but very often) a lot of adults using all the weights. Second thing: My weekly workout schedule.
    Monday: Legs and biceps. 4 different moves for both muscle group. 4 sets of 8 each. Always as heavy weights as possible
    Wednesday: Back and triceps. Again 4 different moves for both muscle group. 4 sets of 8 each. Always as heavy weights as possible. Except those basic dumbell or barbell moves then 10 reps
    Friday: Chest and shoulders. Again 4 different moves for both muscle group. 4 sets of 8 each. Always as heavy weights as possible.
    Saturday or Sunday: Muscle groups I feel like doing. 3 different moves for both muscle group. 4 sets of 8 each. Always as heavy weights as possible

    But sometimes there is all the weights occupied and I can't do some exercises so what to do then?
    I would really appreciate if you answered this comment and helped me out with it. Btw I'm from Finland. Keep up the god work guys

  8. Hi guys, im turning 18 in a couple of months, im about 5"8 , 137lbs , slim build. Always been an endurance athlete but just have wanted to build muscle, look good and be stronger, im having issues on how to get there, do i go heavy for short periods or slightly lighter for medium duration etc? Also is it better to do heavy compound stuff like deadlifts, squats and bench, or work each individual muscle group? Thanks guys keep up the amazing work!!

  9. What about morning and then an evening session? Is it worth doing if you're doing a wide range of mixed bodyweight routines which are blended into; and around; more regular lifting routines; whilst also cramming in regular running sessions? …I'm a runner currently trying to bulk up a bit more muscle and strength.

  10. Gotta thank you guys! You're videos have helped me so much! Never had any muscle, started with a couple of your videos and now I'm doing things I never thought I could do a few months ago…. gone from being able to do 0 press ups to being 2 days off completing the 22 press up challenge and went for a 3mile run the other day and I've never been any good at running! Cheers for the help keep it up!

  11. I have a question, I am a teen competitive jump roper, so we do things like handstands all the time, along with conditioning, and a lot of cardio as well, I'm wondering, any tips for good diet or harder strength training/conditioning? I haven't seen anything online for jump ropers, because it's not very popular.

  12. I'm a girl and the only place is seem to be seeing and noticing any progress is my biceps. How do I help my legs out? or just everything else? any reason this may be happening? Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  13. I wondered if you guys had any opinions of protein shakes (protein powder) as in whether it's necessary or easier to build muscle. And if so which ones would you recommend as I've never bought protein supplements before and am worried I buy ones with dodgy ingredients?

  14. thank you so much, I appreciate that you share your tips, secrets, experience with us. I am interested in creating a well balanced life, you are an important key to build up that knowledge. Have a wonderful day, guys!

  15. How does the whole progressive overload thing fit in with at home workouts? I workout at home because of convenience and it fits my lifestyle better because of my working hours etc, but how can you keep progressing/ adding weight without necessarily having to keep buying heavier weights?

  16. Is it possible to lose weight while gaining muscle? I'm currently losing weight but every time I increase my weights or sessions per week my loss is low or none existent. Help. Please ☺️💪🏻🎃👻

  17. Can you do a video on how to get strong muscle but not big massive muscles that you can see on the outside that girls might not want. That might not make senses as I don't know how to explain it.

  18. I have added squats with weights to my workout routine and I had a trainer correct my posture whilst doing squats but I experience lower back pain every time after my workout. What is the reason? I'm so close to just giving up squats.

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  20. Hey guys, so I'm currently trying to build muscle especially glutes and over all leg muscles but I'm also concerned with burning belly fat, should I be aiming for a caloric deficit diet or am I contradicting my goal to gain muscle?

  21. Hey guys, can you aim to loose fat and build muscle at the same time? Not in the same workout, but say once a week to focus on a muscle building workout, and once a week you focus on a fat burning workout. Does that work or no?

  22. you guys are doing a great job on giving out real information, I already knew this triangle because I've searched this topic on all kinds of websites. But it's one of the rare times I come across this topic on youtube. Too many natural guys focus on the volume and frequency of famous people that take illegal stimulating products which isn't correct. There's a difference between someone who's constantly growing even when they use a lot of frequency and volume and someone who is natty. So great job!

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